A Tummy Stuffing Stocking Stuffer

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The gift card good for Urban Deli and Italian by Night.A riddle for the season: What is small enough to fit in your hand yet large enough to fill your tummy?

The answer: A gift card for Urban Deli and Italian by Night restaurants. One card; two food experiences to choose from. It’s the gift card that’s a deli by day, but come the night goes Italian.

And it makes a great gift, especially if you have a foodie friend.

Who knew a small, unassuming card could taste so good?

This season, when you’re in the restaurant or just passing by, ask us for a gift card — you choose the amount. They fit quite nicely inside a card. And one of our gift cards can be used at any time (no expiration date).

There is no need to be stressed trying to come up with a gift idea. You can simplify with one of our cards. And keep in mind, you don’t need a special occasion to give someone you care about a gift. Sometimes the best ones are those that come from right out of the blue. 🙂