Book Early — Chop Chop 2016 Italian Style

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We’re looking ahead to this winter’s Chop Chop Saint John event! The dates for the best tasting week of the year are quickly approaching, February 22 to 28, 2016. And we’ll be doing things a little differently this year. The biggest change?

This year IbN (Italian by Night) will be open six nights for Chop Chop Winter 2016 – Monday through Saturday, starting at 5:00pm each day (our usual opening time). We’ll be posting our Chop Chop menu about mid-February but we’re already having fun with it.

If you remember, last year we did it NYC Italian Style and it was sfarzoso! (That means gorgeous or splendid.)

Book Early

It’s always a busy time for restaurants in the Uptown and we encourage you to book with us soon so you don’t miss out. We’re extending our days open this year so we can accommodate everyone who wants to try our Italian Chop Chop 2016 menu. But it is good idea to book now.

You can book by calling us at our new number 214-8259. Put another way, call us at 21-Italy. (Don’t worry; you can still reach us at the old number).

It’s going to another fun time in Saint John, New Brunswick and it will certainly be tasty! And please remember, $1 of every meal from every Chop Chop restaurant, goes to a local charity. Last year, a $6,407 cheque was donated to the Lunch Connection. We think Uptown restaurants can top that this year, so start preparing!

Chop Chop Restaurants present a cheque to the Lunch Connection (2015).
Chop Chop Restaurants present a cheque to the Lunch Connection (2015) (photo from Uptown Saint John).