James Mullinger & Comedy Coming to Harbour Station

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James Mullinger
James Mullinger

Some shows are must-sees and there is one coming up at Harbour Station next Thursday (28th): James Mullinger. If you’re not familiar with James think on this: A British comedian moves to New Brunswick…

It sounds like the start of a joke. But then he’s a comedian. Except it isn’t a joke. James and his wife came to New Brunswick (where she is from) and settled in Saint John. And he’s been a whirlwind of comedy ever since, and possibly the biggest promoter of our province. (See this post on OpportunitiesNB: Why UK Comedian James Mullinger Now Calls New Brunswick Home.)

He’s been “living the Canadian dream.” And he has been busy!

A movie was made about his life (to be released internationally later in the year) starring actors from Downton Abbey, Notting Hill and Twilight. Also, from his About page:

“He has sold out the Imperial Theatre, appeared on CBC many times, produced two seasons of his own television series which follows him travelling around Canada performing comedy shows and headlined Yuk Yuk’s comedy clubs all over the country.”

As for the Harbour Station date, not only does it promise to be a great show for anyone that likes to laugh, it will be filmed by Hemmings House for TV and DVD. There are only about 1,000 tickets remaining so it’s best to grab yours soon. James says,

“I guarantee you a great night, this will be my only full Saint John performance in 2016 so please come and help me show the rest of Canada and the world how awesome New Brunswick is.”

Also at the show there will be Ansar Hassan, Nikki Payne and Tomato/Tomato.

This will be the biggest show James Mullinger has ever performed and it will be the only one in Saint John in 2016. So don’t miss the opportunity see him–one of this year’s essential shows!

The show is also in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

James Mullinger (photo by Mark Hemming)
James Mullinger (photo by Mark Hemming)