Put A Cork In It!

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It’s Spring. Ok – it’s Spring for most of the world. We, here, in eastern Canada despite the cutting wind, freak hail storms and in rural areas four foot snow banks have DEEP FAITH. Also, an internal barometre that tells us that it’s time to prepare for warmer days which is exactly what we’re doing at Italian […]

Winter at Italian by Night

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Who would want to leave the warmth and comfort of their home to fight the bitter weather  of the GREAT WHITE NORTH trying to get to a favourite restaurant? It’s accepted that our long cold dark winters keep diners at home. Frankly, after the busy holiday season, staff look forward to a break. Unfortunately or fortunately, […]

Gearing Up for 2014

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One of the most exciting things about Italian by Night is our constantly changing, constantly evolving menu. Don’t get me wrong, we know you have your favourites. We do too! It wouldn’t be an Italian by Night menu without our seasonal Caprese salad, the bruschetta board and everybody’s favourite pasta con salsicce. You can always find an […]

She ate blue cheese made from worm poop…

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Liz’s trip to Italy was a dream come true for her and her husband John. I’d like to be able to write that she spent months planning every detail from their itinerary, to the restaurants they’d like to try – you know the regular stuff that the rest of us mere mortals do before we […]

No Chit – No Shit

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The first night of service for Italian by Night was also the first time that I’d ever worked with other cooks in a restaurant kitchen. To say, I was nervous would be a slight understatement. I was terrified! The reservation book was full and it would be the first time that our team would cook […]


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I think that we taste as much with our eyes as we do with our mouths. How many times have you drooled over the look of a dish before you’ve even tasted it? Given that premise, the way we plate at Italian by Night is not by chance. I call plating “the build” because that’s […]

Our Customers Blow Our Minds

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A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that we were having trouble sourcing guanciale. We’ve been all over Canada trying to find a supplier. We’ve found companies that carry this delicious pork specialty but it’s on back order for three months! Three months ain’t gonna cut it when we’re launching our fall menu in three weeks. […]

Mastering Italian Wines 101

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Every time I visit Italy, I’m over whelmed by the selection of wines. Restaurants don’t offer you a wine list. They present leather bound encyclopedias for your perusal! I use to frantically search for a familiar name to order then my server would give me a sorrowful look of pity. After suffering through a number […]

Bruschetta or Crostini

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Is it called bruschetta or crostini? They’re both unbelievably delicious toasted bread with toppings. Typically, brushcetta [brusketta], from the Italian “bruscare,” which means “to roast over coals,” refers to the bread, not the toppings. Large slices of bread are grilled, rubbed with garlic, then drizzled with olive oil and topped with tomatoes and basil. Crostini, translation “little […]

what’s the solve?

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One of the biggest challenges at Italian by Night is sourcing ingredients. There’s all sorts of facsimiles around which try and pass themselves off as the real deal but one mouthful and the culprit’s exposed. As I started to work on our new fall menu, once again my frustration reared it’s ugly head. Products that […]